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The primary objective of iSPACE (innovative Systems for Personalised Aircraft Cabin Environment) is to provide a step-change in passenger comfort during flight by providing aircraft manufacturers and the supplier industry with the knowledge and innovations needed to address the individualisation of passenger cabin environment. This will be achieved by the scientific and technological objectives of iSPACE:

1. Develop concepts for individualisation of passenger cabin environment and prove its general feasibility.

2. Develop and prove emerging step-change technologies for individualisation of passenger cabin environment.

3. Provide simulation tools for individualised cabin environment and give recommendations for existing and future commercial aircraft.

The main goal of iSPACE is to close existing technological gaps to achieve an enhanced cabin environment and passenger comfort with regard to temperature, humidity, ventilation and well-being by controlling the individual’s climate. Therefore, concepts and technologies will be developed and their proof of principle will be shown by simulation as well as hardware models in a most realistic test environment (including low cabin pressure). iSPACE will focus on the personal environment of cabin occupants. Concepts and systems will be developed for a revolution of the generation and control of the individual climate. The focus will be on generating and controlling an individual climate at seat level in interaction with ceiling, floor and wall, by controlling air temperature, airflow and air humidity.

iSPACE Principle
Figure: Personal environment of a single occupant (top and front view at seat level).

The research performed in this project receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 234340.
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